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I am endeavoring, ma'am, to construct a mnemonic circuit using stone knives and bearskins.

- Spock
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Spock's Illogical Legion is a Warhammer Online guild based on the Badlands server, Order faction.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Spock's Illogical Legion website.  We encourage all guild members to take the time to register with the site and actively post on our forums.  This site is part of our community building process within the guild.  By using the resources available on the site and actively posting on the forums, you are helping build our community and strengthen the ties that bind us as a guild.  Thank you and, once again, welcome to the guild.

~Althalius & Andine~
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Q&A with WAR Producer James Casey

MightyIdle, May 5, 11 3:04 PM.
Werit's Blog has posted a Q&A with Warhammer Online Producer James Casey.  In the Q&A, they discuss the current T4 power gap, scenario tweaks, future crafting improvements, and the new Sigmar Tide live event.

It's a short Q&A, but it does give a bit of insight into what's in store for WAR in the near future.  Pop over for a quick read.

Werit's Q&A with WAR Producer James Casey

Guild Rank 9 Achieved!

MightyIdle, May 2, 11 9:22 AM.
Thanks to everyone's active participation, we've achieved rank 9!  Rank 9 brings us another tactic point for our first guild standard as well as another tactic slot.

Our first standard will focus on leveling.  Tactics will be slotted to increase renown, experience, and influence gains.  This makes the standard perfect to be carried by lower level characters participating in guild groups and warbands.

If, at any time, you wish to be a standard bearer, please feel free to ask one of the officers to assign the position to you.  We can currently have two standard bearers, so we'll simply remove the bearer designation from someone who is currently logged out and assign it to you.

Congratulations to Edolf!

MightyIdle, Apr 29, 11 12:32 PM.
Congratulations are in order for Edolf with his promotion to the rank of Lt. Commander Scott!  Edolf had been with us since the beginning and has proven to be an active, steadfast member of the guild.  His attitude and leadership has helped us grow as a guild and establish a fine reputation with all those we've come in contact with.  His addition to our office corps, along with Tradias and Ganluk, will certainly be a boon for us all.

The officer rank of Lt. Commander Scott consists of embers who have maintained a high degree of honor and integrity within the guild family and throughout the greater community.  They have displayed a willingness to lead others, organize guild activities, and patiently mentor fellow guild members.

Guild Rank 8 Achieved!

MightyIdle, Apr 29, 11 12:21 PM.
After several weeks of good, solid gaming, we've reached guild rank 8!  Rank 8 brings us guild auctions and an additional tactic for our guild standard.  

We've also reached 150 members in the guild.  In a very short time, we've put together an active, fun group of people who enjoy socializing and playing together.  We're not going for sheer numbers, but for quality members.  In this aspect, we're quite successful.

Guild Rank 7 Achieved!

MightyIdle, Apr 21, 11 7:35 AM.
Guild Rank 7 brings us the ability to purchase crafting components at the guild hall merchant.  We also get another tactic for our guild standard.  

We've had a large influx of new people who have been very helpful in getting to rank 7.  Thanks to them all!

Patch 1.4.2 is Live Today!

MightyIdle, Apr 19, 11 9:22 AM.
Servers are coming down this morning for patch 1.4.2.

Patch notes for this update can be found here:

1.4.2 Patch Notes

Guild Rank 6 Achieved!

MightyIdle, Apr 18, 11 9:23 AM.
Rank 6 is active and we now have access to the guild hall in Sigmar's Hammer!  To access the guild hall, simply travel to the War Quarter in Altdorf and enter the main building there, the one with all of the guild standards surrounding the entrance.

The guild hall contains most of the important vendors, trainers, a flight master, and a mailbox.  Once we hit level 17, we will gain the ability to purchase Guild Recall Scrolls.  These scrolls provide instant transport to the guild hall.  Their convenient because you can use them to transport to the guild hall from anywhere and train or hop on the flight master to quickly get to other locations.

Thanks to everyone who helped us achieve Rank 6!

Guild Rank 5 Achieved!

MightyIdle, Apr 14, 11 1:45 PM.
Another level down.  We're moving up rather quickly.  With level 5, we get our first guild banner and our first tactic point.  Thank you to all of our new members whose contributions have made leveling so quickly possible.

Let's all keep rolling and having a good time in the process!  

Guild Rank 4 Achieved!

MightyIdle, Apr 13, 11 8:45 AM.
Five days after the guild was founded, we've reached Rank 4!  Thanks to everyone's hard work in reaching this goal.  We achieved this rank solely in T1 and at the edges of T2.  

Achieving Rank 4 gives us the ability to set a modest tax rate on all members.  We've settled on a 5% tax rate, a rate much lower than most guilds have implemented.  Funds collected via the tax will be reinvested back into the guild, as needed.
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